Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Tubes

A couple of weeks ago Quinn had to have tubes put in her ears. She had gone through four different antibiotics and she was working on her fifth ear infection when we went in.

I was very anxious and got really worked up about it, but of course Quinn did so well.

When we got there she was all smiles with the nurses, and in a great mood despite the fact that she had to fast and hadn't eaten breakfast. I'm sure she was distracted by the fact that a) she got to leave the house in her pjs, b) we were at a fun new place and c) she wasn't in her normal routine going to school.

In the prep area, we answered a bunch of questions, they took her vitals and they were ready to go. Luckily,  we were the first surgery for the day. She happily went with the nurse to take her back and I started bawling. I think the thought of a stranger taking her and putting her under anesthetic freaked me out. What if she wondered where her Mama was or needed me? So, I cried for a while and a nurse came and pulled the curtain and said she would give us a minute after handing me some tissue. I told her I felt silly, but she seemed to understand and I'm sure I'm not the first crying mama they've had.

After I pulled myself together, we went to the post op area and waited. We were probably away from Quinn for about 20 minutes total (if that). It was SO FAST! They brought her back to us and she was so groggy, but happy to see us. Sweet girl! She sat in my lap while they took vitals again and she kept dozing off.

The doctor came and filled us in on post-op stuff and that was it! I nursed Quinn and we were out of there in less than an hour.

I was really hesitant to get the tubes, but I'm so glad we did. She has already had a cold (stupid daycare colds...she gets them about every two weeks) and this time it didn't turn into an ear infection! YAY!

She didn't really have any sort of recovery time. We drove home (she fell asleep), ate breakfast and played the rest of the day. We even went downtown to meet Jeremy and she did great. I had so much fun with her and it was such a relief to know (fingers crossed) we don't have to deal w/ another ear infection.

I told my Mom, I think God knew to give me a healthy baby. I don't know if I could emotionally handle major health problems. We are so blessed that Quinn has been healthy and hasn't had any major troubles. I absolutely can't imagine what it would be like to spend time at a hospital with a baby hooked up to wires and tubes. I am so very thankful and I pray that any parent going through serious health issues with a baby would feel peace. I also pray that we never have to go through anything like that with Q! Having a sick baby is the most powerless feeling in the world, and I'm thankful I have my faith to lean on when we do have those times.


The Houses

Aww I'm glad everything went smoothly! I don't know how parents with sick children manage... that is my worst nightmare. Those are some strong mamas and dads!