Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Denial

I am officially in denial that it's 100+ degrees outside. I've decided to will fall to get here by pretending. I haven't quite starting wearing sweaters, but there are other ways to trick the weather, right?

I made these DELISH pumpkin snickerdoodles from a recipe I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest. They call for a lot of flour, but they had a really interesting consistency...sort of like a thick cake rather than a cookie. They were really good. Like, I might have eaten five in one day at one point.

I also made these Weight Watcher pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast on Labor Day. They are the easiest muffins in the world. Two ingredients: 1 can of pumpkin and one box of spice cake mix. Done and done. Bake at the temperature the box says and have super-moist, delicious fall muffins! If you're feeling crazy, put some cream cheese frosting on top and you'll just die from the yumminess!!

And finally, I pulled out all my fall decorations and put them around the house. I LOVE the colors and smells of this season! 

 I didn't have a fall wreath and I found this one at JoAnn Fabric for $15!!

I am not really into Halloween decor, but I think I might need something else in the middle of the mantle. When November gets here I'll put up my "Give Thanks" sign seen in Q's newborn photos here.

I guess it's time to replace Ella's photo w/ Q's. Poor Ella, she gets the boot even in photo frames! Maybe I'll leave her in this one.



I love Fall too and I'm so excited to enjoy a fall season in MN again! The leaves are starting to change here so I have been in teh mood for baking as well! And the apple orchards are also open to pick your own apples! Wish I could send them down without bruising! I have to try your yummy recipes-they look delicious! And your pictures of them are very good too! :) I vote to take a pic of Ella and Q- WIN-WIN! :)

The Houses

Ooohh Jill, we used to always go to the Apple Orchard near WBL and buy a ton of apple butter. It's the best!! By the way, ladies, I finally joined Pinterest! I befriended you, Molly! Are you on there, Jill? It makes me sad, though, b/c a lot of recipes can't be made in the UK. We don't have all of the awesome ingredients y'all do. It makes me miss home... Oh, well. I'll try to push some of this cool weather your way! P.S. Don't replace Ella's pic with Quinn's... it's too cute and funny!