Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quinn's First Thanksgiving

Gobble, gobble! Quinn had a very eventful Thanksgiving weekend for a 2-week old! I was so glad my Mom was still in town and we were joined by Uncle Justin, Aunt Abby and Aunt Emily. The only people missing were my Dad (Pawpaw) and Dennis (Papa D). My Mom was glad to have all her kids in one place for the holiday, and she went all out cooking, baking and making my house smell amazing!

On a side note, this is the first year in three years that Jeremy and I have missed the Turkey Trot. We are hoping to take Quinn next year and run with her!

My family has an old tradition of making pies the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Emily and Mom kept that going. I was able to put Quinn in the Moby for a little bit to do my part, but they definitely did most of the work.

Quinn liked the Moby!

We had so much food, and we all sat down at one time to eat (my Mom fed Quinn a bottle at the table while I ate). :) My Mom pulled out my china and we used it for the first time since we have been married. Yes, we have had china for almost four years and I have never used it. Hey, this was the perfect occasion to break it out! This also happened to be the second time we used our dining room. We eat at our kitchen breakfast table most the time...the dining room has just looked pretty up until now.

My dining room and china being used and not just looking pretty!

The rest of the day consisted of me feeding Quinn a lot, the Aunts getting some cuddle time and watching football. I love having family here that we are so comfy around. Staying in your pjs all day is totally awesome! (Let's be honest...I do that a lot these days.) We have a lot for which to be thankful! 

Nannie Mae knows the best ways to get Quinn to burp.

Auntie Em knows what makes Quinn happy!

Quinn loved cuddle time with Aunt Abby!

Aunt Abby and Uncle Justin chillin out in their pjs with Quinn.

Thanksgiving weekend, Jeremy's Dad, Stepmom and sister, Tylia, were able to come meet Quinn for the first time. Quinn will call them Ahwo and Ahpo (that's grandfather and grandmother in the Alabama-Coushatta language). Her Ahwo already gave her a nickname also in their language: Sattase [SUTTA-see] (little turtle). 

 Awho, Tylia and Ahpo seeing Quinn for the first time!

This might be my most thankful Thanksgiving yet...I give thanks to God for the blessing of Quinn and Jeremy and the little family of three that we have started.