Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ano Nuevo in Mexico

Two things have been a long time coming:

1. My family taking a trip to Mexico
2. My brother and Abby getting ENGAGED!! :)

After Christmas this year, my Mimi and Tom took the family to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We stayed in a house that belongs to Abby's (my brother's girlfriend, now fiance) family and it was amazing! We travel a lot with that side of my family and I must say this was one of my favorite trips. It's been a long time coming because Mimi put a deposit on the house literally two years ago. Hey...we made it.

The house, which comes with a cook/maid and groundskeeper, was right on the beach and literally had a hammock hanging inside right by a window. It was heavenly! We ate authentic Mexican food, drank some yummy Mexican drinks made by our favorite cabana boy, Juan, and played poker and gin rummy.


My brother, Justin, knew he wanted to propose to Abby in Mexico and my nosy family (me included) bugged him about it the whole trip! Surprisingly, he waited until New Year's Eve and popped the question on the beach. It was awesome since that beach is so sentimental for Abby. She has been going to that beach since she was a little girl and it made perfect sense to start a new chapter of her life there. Those two have been together since junior high. They broke up and dated other people, but as Justin said "We just love each other." There's nothing like knowing you are meant to be with someone.

I tried to think ahead so I got them a card for all of us to sign, and that's as far as I got. But, as always, my aunt and cousins and I came up with a creative way to congratulate them when they got back from the chips spelling out a congrats! :)

Obviously the engagement was highlight number one, but highlight number two was definitely our whale watching excursion. I have never seen anything like this! We went out on a little zodiac boat and got within six feet of HUGE humpback whales. I am not gonna lie, I was freaking out. Questions that went through my mind:

1. What if he just opens his mouth and we go in? Like Jonah or Pinocchio?
2. What if he decides to get some fresh air right under our boat?
3. What if the males (who happened to be fighting over females during mating season) mistake our boat for competition?

Even though I was admittedly scared, I LOVED that experience. The two people who took us out were actually on a research team so they were really into it. I didn't feel like I was on a touristy whale watch at all. They were taking pictures and documenting the whole time we were out there. They taught us so many cool things about the whales that make the think "how can anyone not believe in a Creator?"

I can't wait to go back to Mexico. I am hoping my new sister-in-law will invite Jeremy and me and their future nieces and nephews down there for fun family vacations. :) If not, I will honestly get my group of friends together and we will all pitch in to rent the place. Totally worth it!

Enjoy a few more pics...

View from the Balcony (the beach is to my left)

The guys getting into trouble on the beach

It's December and I am wearing a tank top and shorts...awesome!

Enjoying some guacamole and margaritas

Nothing like a pedicure for some dad/son-in-law bonding time


The Houses

Awesome!! And congrats to your brother too! Did Jeremy go on the whale-watching trip?? (Honestly we'll be surprised if you say yes...)