Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Life of a Little Dog Named Ella

Our dogs bring so much joy to our lives. They make us laugh and they will never stop wanting to cuddle. I hope my kids are as cuddly as they are! Ella is the 2 and 1/2 yr. old puggle that we got for my birthday a couple of summers ago. We got her from a breeder in the Ft. Worth area who I will totally endorse! Kanine puggles on the right. We named her Sorella Belle. Sorella means "sister" in Italian and we felt like it was fitting since Lexi was getting a new sister. We call her Ella for short. In honor of her (and my birthday) I have decided to write a little about her world.

I have decided that Ella has a few main life goals. I don't think she is necessarily aiming for the stars, but she is as content as she can be. No, she will never win Best in Show (I don't think the judges would appreciate her running amok around the arena), and I doubt she would be able to make it through one of those doggy obstacle courses (she gets easily sidetracked), but we sure do love her to death! Having said all that, here are Ella's life goals:

1. Find poop and eat it. (not her own or Lexi's, but anything else's)
2. Eat more ice. (she is like a crackhead when it comes to ice)
3. Get under the covers in our bed.

Ella tends to steal the hearts of many. Most all of our family and friends love her and she has a few boyfriends among our friends' dogs. The video below is a great example of the signature "Ella head turn." I was asking her if she wanted to go visit her friend Raider for the weekend:

Ella also has a neurotic side. She gets freaked out by weird things. We can come home from the grocery store and the grocery bags freak her out. She runs away when the vacuum comes out, and when we turn the shower on, she hides in the closet because she thinks we are going to bathe her. She HATES water and refuses to jump in when we take them to the dog park. BUT, the funniest time she wigged out was one night when Jeremy and I decided to play a game of Gin Rummy in bed. Check it out (it's kind of long but TOTALLY worth watching until the end).

I could go on and on about our little Ella. We have started calling her Kramer because she comes flying in and out of rooms just like the spazzo Seinfeld character. We also call her Buddha Belly because she has this little round belly. I can't imagine our life w/ out her, and I definitely understand the love between a dog and its mommy now. I suppose this only touches the surface of what it will feel like to have kids. One day...

Ella in Photos:

Ella's first visit to the vet the day we got her

She was so tiny and cute!

She loves her mommy.
Her first Halloween, we tried the clown hat. No luck.

Second Halloween we tried the pumpkin. She was thinking bad words.

Ella is a dramatic yawner...she sighs really loudly.

Her first road trip to Odessa.

In her favorite spot on the couch.

Waiting by the freezer for ice to magically drop out...w/ her friend Raider.

The beagle in her comes out when she howls.

When we had a bad hailstorm. Ella went outside afterward and didn't know where to begin. God had just poured ice all over the ground and Ella was in Heaven.



Molly, thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to hear from you. Glad we can keep up this way! :-) Your dogs are precious. Looks like you and Jeremy have a lot of fun with them. Hope all is well!